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Just a quick email to say, on behalf of the project, thank you ever so much for the cake that you provided for our annual event, it was well-received.

We look forward to ordering more of your wonderful pieces of work in the future.

Action for Children


That cake was huge! Not even ¼ was eaten at the wedding. I have been dishing out chunks to family and friends and bought enough to work to feed 30 and still have loads at home! Was a very nice cake. Went down a treat. Thanks very much.

Nick West

Hi Verna- I have to congratulate you on the best Christmas Cake I have ever had since my mother stopped doing the family cake due to her poor health. I had to fight the family on Christmas day to retain some for the new year!

Many thanks again

Sybil Lewis

Verna, just thought you would like to know, that my parents were both surprised and pleased by the special diabetic cake and commented on the moistness and very professional lettering.


Dear Mrs Harriott,​

Thank you for a lovely cake, it was fantastic! God bless you

and good luck with the business.​

One love​

Levi Roots

The party was great and the Cake was a real success. We didn't want to cut it.

Thank you, Verna.​


Birthday celebration cake
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